Our Timeline + #AvGeek Photo Challenge = Your Turn To Shoot Airport Pics!

As most social media geeks know, Facebook is set to drop its new Timeline For Pages update on all business pages this week. While we have lots of stuff that we could put into our new Timeline cover slot (some of them would even comply with the no-advertising guidelines that Facebook has set out…), we think we have an even cooler idea.

In short, we want to feature your photos of your airports as our Timeline cover.

The process is pretty simple:

1) Next time you’re at or near an airport, take some pictures.

2) Send us the coolest one you have, keeping in mind that the Timeline cover is a landscape shot that must be 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall (Don’t worry–we can re-size the image for you), and there will be a rectangular cut-out at the bottom-left where the profile image is. You can send the pictures to me at sean.broderick@aaae.org, and please be sure to note what airport is depicted. (We’ve love to have some behind-the-scenes shots from our members–just don’t violate any rules getting ’em!)

3) We’ll pick the ones we like, add the airport’s name and yours to the photo, and set it as our cover. (Check out a sample below and on our Facebook page now–it’s of my backyard airport, and while HEF is awesome, no, it’s not that great of a pic. Consider it motivation to get snapping…)

Manassas Regional Airport

That’s it! No prizes (beyond the satisfaction of being atop the AAAE Facebook page for a bit) and no hard-and-fast rules. We’re not even sure how long we’ll keep the images up there. If we get a bunch of great ones, we may swap them out quite often. If we find one we love, we may leave it up until Congress raises the PFC cap. There’s just no telling. Bottom line–we want to get some cool airport photos up there, and we want our members and other airport aficionados to supply them.

Looking for an aviation photo initiative with a little more structure? I recommend the #AvGeek Photo Challenge, which is running all April long. Every day has a theme (4/17 = an airport you love! 4/18 = there is no such thing!). Just point, shoot, upload, and tweet using the #avgeekphoto hashtag. No competition, no prizes — just a great idea from one Stephanie Gehman (@airport_girl) to get some cool aviation photos flying through the Twitterverse.

Looking forward to seeing lots of cool aviation photos, and putting some of them in AAAE’s Facebook-ville!

About Sean Broderick

Sean handles external communications and social media for AAAE.

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